Wedding Party Gifts, Favours and Custom T-Shirts

Toiletry Baskets

Starting at $25.00

Mom & Dad Baskets

Starting at $25.00

Groomsmen Bag

Starting at $25.00

Bridesmaid Gift Box

Starting at $25.00

Wedding Robes

Starting at $25.00

Customized Wedding Robes

Starting at $25.00

Beer Sleeves

$4.00 Each / $3.00 for 10+

Wood Hangers

$10.00 Each / $15.00 with Ribbon


$15.00 Each / $20.00 for Back & Front

Wine Glass

$15.00 Each / $12.00 for 10+

Shot Glasses (2oz)

$5.00 Each / 2 for $8.00 / $4.00 Each for 10+

Flasks (8oz)

$14.00 Each / $16.00 for Back & Front / $12.00 Each for 10+

Custom Coffee Bean Favours

Cotton Bags

  • Includes coffee
  • 100% Cotton, shaby chick, reusable bags
  • For Vintage-themed gifts, weddings and events
  • Study cotton cord drawstring
  • 4" x 6"
  • Includes cellophane bags

Deluxe Glassine Bags

  • Includes coffee
  • Premium, 2-layer flat bags
  • Study paper exterior with glassine liner
  • Heavy-duty barrier against grease and stains
  • Includes coffee, cellophane bag and clothes pin
  • Custom name and date stamp
  • 4 3/4" x 6 3/4"

Resealable 1/4lb Coffee Bags

  • Includes coffee
  • Airtight zipper seals in freshness
  • Solid draft on both sides to protect beans from light
  • Custom name and date stamp

Custom T-Shirts

We can create whatever saying you would like on t-shirts, tank tops and jerseys!


They are perfect for stag and does, bachelor and bachlorette parties!


We customize to your budget please contact us with your ideas and we can make it happen.


We are presently updating this area of our website. Please come back soon!

Servers with a Smile is fantastic!!! Worth every penny!! My day could not have gone better, and it was all because of the organization and professionalism of this team!! I am not an organized person, but Rebecca made sure everything was organized before the big day!

Lindsay and Ron